Holly Hill NASCAR Rules



        Any commercially available stamped steel center chassis.

        Any aluminum, one piece or two piece

        chassis appropriate pans.

        Chassis clearance will be 1/16th inch all around.

        You can adjust the bushing holes to set your

        chassis clearance.


Front tires:

        You may run fronts if you like, but if you don’t run fronts you

        must run front wheel stickers.



        JK Hawk Retro with 7R etchings on it.



        Any commercially available JK or Parma NASCAR body.

        Must have an 1/8th inch rear bumper.

        The front bumper must maintain the factory down turn.

        The body must not hang lower than the chassis.



        All cars must have an interior.     

        Lexan interior with at least three different colors.

        Paper interior with properly printed driver.

        No hand drawn driver.